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Sweet! I can't wait to get to know you better!

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Hi, I'm Morgen...

For a while now, I've wanted to connect with other women like me. Are you one of them?


Women who ambitiously chase their goals, but also feel hindered by self-doubts and fears.


Women who are building a career of their own, but also want to build a home life.


Women who love fashion, and love to eat, who are usually covered in pet hair, delight in a good belly laugh, and just wish they could lean on another gal who's wrestling with trying to be all the things she - and everyone else - wants her to be. 

Do you ever get lonely?

Or is it just me....

As a 30-something who owns a business, is married but can't have kids, has an autoimmune that challenges her on the reg, and revels in reality tv with a glass of wine while scrolling I alone out here? Raise your hand if we could be friends!

I'm building a members only community, (free to you!), to create an intentional place to actually connect with each other over all the things we have in common.

I'll start by sharing my favorite

  • recipes to nosh

  • drinks to mix

  • books to read

  • shows to watch

  • budget buys + little hacks that get me through the week. 

  • maybe a life story or two, but only if you guys ask ;)


I firmly believe that just because I'm an imperfect mess, doesn't mean I can't fully enjoy life while chasing after what God has for me. 

What about you? Shall we do it together? 

Join my email list, and let's be friends!

Site with actual sharable content coming soon, and members sections so you can comment, and chat and we can actually help each other get through our week.

Facebook group to come if we're into it :)

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Morgen's Nickname
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